Technical maintenance emergencies

Periodic preventive revision works

Electric works
Checks and remedies of electrical appliances, lightining fixtures, testing of automatic switches from electrial panels, cleaning and checking the electrical panels, contacts, short-circuit protection and fault currents, other periodic checks foreseen in normatives or by the equipment suppliers.

Cleaning the air filters, evaporators, condensers, refrigerant pressure checks, oil level, temperature, tightness, noise, other cheks provided by the regulations, or the equipment supplier for splits fan coil units, chillers, and central ventilation.

Plumbing and heating
Function tests, fixes and leak valves, battery service, sanitary, drainage traps, hot water sources fittings, pressure tank of water levels in rezervoirs etc. Checks and fixes of functionalities, clogging leak checks, pressure circuits, insolation status on pipes , thermal and hydaulic rebalancing if case.

Checcking and repairing or replacing hardware elements on doors, windows, dampers, furniture items.

Plating and painting
Repairing and touching

Parameters checks for stand-by, idle and under load running. Reloading with fuel at customer’s request.

All these services will be provided monthly when visiting the location.

Emergency, corective intervention works

Target partial or total malfunction of electrical systems (the partial or total lack of electricity), sanitary, heating circuits (eg. pipe break or radiating bodies), damage or distruction of hardware, carpentry, plywood, windows (eg. burglary attempts), flooding of the location (eg. from the neighbours), malfunction of air conditioning in technical rooms. In this case, the interventions aim removing the fault and reinstal in normal parametres the location in the shortest time.

Our strenghts in carrying out the technical maintance services include: expericne in electrical installations, certificates and approvals by both technicians and our organization, the electrical energy governing the functioning of a bank. We have, as well, experience in interior design, which allows us immediate restoration of the location after an emergency intervention.

Services and additional works requested by the client

Aims improving the equipment functioning, installations, equioment buildings, comfort in locations (eg. additional air conditioning ) extensions of electrical instalation, plumbing or heating, expansions of spaces, modifications of those ( repartitioning, archive design activities) other works (ramps for people with disabilities, bars, archive shelves), painting and coating works with ceramic tiles.

The customer benefits of a 12 months guarantee from reception, for the worked performed and materials used. For the equipments (eg. air conditioning) our guarantee extends to the manufacturer’s.