Consulting and sales

We have skilled teams and technical equipments among the bests, that can intervene all over the country in terms of the contract.

For any requests, we provide a customer call center 24/7, with a team of engineers ready to take the information, to process it, and if necessary to conduct nationwide operative action, following its status until it is resolved.

Intervals between periodic preventive revisions are negotiated with the client, respecting strict specifications of manufacturers of equipment, and standards in force.

Corrective interventions have a period of several negotiated hours, following specific procedures to remove the defect, repair and re-up the location.

Our goal is to offer the best technical services integrated nationally, thus helping to achieve the performance level desired by the client.
We believe in long-term partnerships, built by the real need of the customer and service excellence.

The experience over the years enables us to offer our clients not only services, but immediate solutions according to their specific needs.

Our experience in technical maintanance services and technical support, the quality of work, customer orientation of the staff, national coverage and the promptness of our team in responding to the custumer needs, validates us as a serious and trustful partner.

Sales department